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This e-commerce site was built using Drupal.


We built this site with Drupal to meet our client's need for an interactive index of questions and answers, including categorization and searching, and a portal to additional resources and merchandise.

God Has a Better Way!

We built this site with custom PHP to provide the best solution to our client's need to have a mostly static site built quickly and efficiently.

Home Grown Programmers

This website offers online courses in programming and information technology, and was built using Drupal along with the Moodle course management system.

AskDrBrown is built with Joomla and a number of additional modules. We also integrated several custom PHP features. AskDrBrown includes an e-commerce bookstore built on Virtue Mart.

Displaying content based on logged in status, and updating view count on a view

Using a customfield view field:
global $user;
if ($user->uid) {
         echo $content_to_display;
if (!$user->uid) {
echo substr($content_to_display,0,350);
echo " [...] <a href=\"/user/register\">Register</a> or <a href=\"/user/login\">log in</a>  to read more.";
// Need to do this b/c statistics won't update from a view
// Based on statistics.module
// MPF Oct 19, 2009
// A node has been viewed, so update the node's counters.
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