Automation Excellence (AE), located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has a combined experience of over 20 years of Software Quality Assurance (SQA) leadership. We specialize in Agile software delivery utilizing a test first delivery model. AE begins and ends with the end user defining the acceptance test criteria, using a wiki-based single source of information to drive the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and transform that information into built in verification suites on enterprise level applications. AE services vertical markets in Learning Management Systems, Content Management Systems, HealthCare, government, manufacturing, telephony and defense. Our horizontal technical expertise is detailed, driving value and lower costs by measuring metrics within each tier of a software system.

In today's complex information age, verification expertise qualifies as the top level of knowledge necessary to bring a robust production system to market. AE has amassed experience on Moodle, Drupal, ERP, CRM, Trizetto FACETS, Oracle CDC, PeopleSoft, Oracle Apps, Siebel, Lawson and many corporate web based systems. Our “test first” Agile system integration development model has proven its value by producing high ROI code frameworks that have test automation built into our streamlined "Common Sense" process. See our portfolio for a sampling of the work we have done.

AE utilizes a web based Project Management tool to track our weekly progress report card and monthly steering committee review process. Our cost and value competitive approach increases the number of test verification cycles and subsequently the lines of code coverage during each SDLC phase. AE embraces Agile teams and we staff with the highest quality computer programmers, driving innovative solutions to our client's software requirements.

Check out our SQA Management page for an innovative outsourcing option and see how beginning with the end in mind will save your organization money. If you need Testing as a service (TAAS) our services will provide you peace of mind and cost savings.

Recent updates

LoadRunner Timestamps

For simplicity's sake, the following are some timestamps you can use in LoadRunner:
    lr_save_datetime("%m/%d/%y 00:00:00", DATE_NOW + ONE_DAY + ONE_DAY, "in_two_days");
    lr_save_datetime("%m/%d/%y 00:00:00", DATE_NOW + ONE_DAY , "in_one_day");
    lr_save_datetime("%m/%d/%y %H:%M:%S", DATE_NOW + ONE_HOUR + ONE_HOUR, "in_two_hours");

Drupal Ubercart Error

I received the following error in a virtual merchant payment gateway in UberCart:

Credit card payment declined error message. Array ( [errorCode] => 4009 [errorName] => Required Field Not Supplied [errorMessage] => The field Customer Code (ssl_customer_code) required but not supplied in the authorization request. )

To fix this, add the following between line 118 and 119 in uc_virtualmerchant.module:

'ssl_customer_code' => 1111,

Joomla Performance Grader

For any Joomla sites out there, I'd highly recommend testing your site using the Joomla Performance Grader found here:,com_performance/Itemid...

Very detailed and Joomla-specific testing done here, it definitely helps with page load speed.


For an ultimately broad range of web applications, Automation Excellence uses Selenium, an open source software by ThoughtWorks. This versatile automation tool executes scenarios in almost any web browser and any operating system to validate browser compatibility and system functionality. Selenium RC, the specific version used, has two main parts. The first is a remotely controlled server that can open, close, and navigate on any supported browser, using HTTP protocol. The second is a collection of the client libraries for any computer language you choose.


Based on FIT, and Ward Cunningham’s Framework for Integrated Tests, FitNesse is an open source software acceptance testing tool. In addition to being a software testing tool, FitNesse is also a wiki and a web server. This web-based framework allows and promotes better collaboration between programmers and testers, using acceptance testing and Test-Driven Development (TDD). For test development, FitNesse uses a format, picked by the client, for testers to enter the desired test steps.