Greenhouse Concept

This project entailed the development of conceptual 3D renderings based on floorplans. We built scenes in Blender, with materials and textures based on photographs and designed in GIMP.

Nordic Workstation

We did a series of load tests in order to simulate the performance effects of hundreds of users on a complex Adobe Flex stock ticker application. Scenarios were recorded using Grinder, capturing HTTP requests that we later customized to inject unique session identifiers for each user during playback.

Pulte Homes

We have performed ongoing load tests of Pulte's internal home selection and property maintenance applications, using a variety of tools including LoadRunner and Visual Studio.


We have run several different load tests for the Acushnet Golf company, primarily to evaluate the performance of their customized order management software. We were able to simulate a load of hundreds of users via Grinder, along with custom tools we developed such as Grinder Webtest.

FIRE Church

We built this site with Drupal, adding some custom PHP features to fit the client's hosting company, also integrating an ASP web app from the legacy site that was still in use.